Adel Aaron




"Hungry, rough hands would pull her skinny body between his legs. She would feel his chubby fingers running along her back, and instinctively pressed her arms against her prepubescent body, trying to protect her flat chest. Feeling her resistance and hating to waste precious time, he would quickly move downward, touching her legs, then forcing his red, angry nozzle between them, rubbing it against her pink flesh."
Quick Fix

"Then her eyes wandered to the counter by the sink. There, in a wooden holder, was a set of kitchen knives. Slowly, carefully, she grasped the handle of a carving knife, and withdrew it from the holder. It looked huge in her small palm. Its blade was sharp and shiny. She grasped the knife with both hands. Then quietly, very quietly, she stepped into the bedroom."

Night at the Hyatt

"Andy glanced at Sheila’s steak and then stared at the mussels in front of him. They were hot, steaming. Some of them were wide open, showing their internal nacreous colors. Their delicious, delicate tongue-shaped organs were pink from the light tomato sauce. Andy loved the taste of this fleshy anchor; he would catch the juicy meat with his lips, pull it from the shell, savor it inside his mouth and, after satisfying his sophisticated taste buds, slowly swallow, together with a mouthful of exquisite wine."
In Love

"Slowly, he began: 'Well, let me tell you then, so you have no illusions about walking out on me. I’m giving you one chance to come to your senses. I could consider your irrational behavior to be the result of temporary insanity, or middle-aged crisis, or whatever! You pick! But, if you walk out this door, I will never - you hear me? Never forgive you! If you want him so much then go to him. Now!'"
I Love You

"He smiled affectionately, his eyes telling her that he felt and understood everything she was going through and loved her in return, now and forever. He gently clasped his hands around his daughter as he had when she was a little thing with a pink ribbon in her hair. She hid her face in his shoulder. He did what he always liked doing: stroked her short hair, softly, slowly. Through the tears she couldn’t hold back any longer, she repeated, 'I love you!'"
Rocky Road

Suddenly, the still air and the strange quietness solemnly rang in his ears like a Sunday church bell. The front mirror of the vehicle was shattered. There was no sign of the patrolling convoy. Randy jerked the car and stopped short. The explosion had disabled the radio. He, Arif, and the heavily breathing Humvee were alone in the middle of the empty road and the unbearable heat. Sergeant Blaide didn’t need to slide his hand under Ari’s vest to feel for the frothy moisture. He saw how the crimson cherry stain was moving, widening down his pants, head faced down, still buckled up. Blood like thick syrup was oozing from beneath his helmet. His opened eyes were rolled back in his head, his face covered with jelly-like bites. Their particularly angry smell was stronger than the stench of explosives.  Randy bent down and touched Arif’s neck, feeling for a pulse. Frenziedly, he tried a few more times, pressing his bleeding fingers hard against the olive skin. Wild, helpless, Randy stared at Arif, hating that he was caught in an impossible dilemma: go back or forward, to the base’s medical aid station.